The Why.

img_6405There are a lot of really boring wine blogs out there. I’m allowed to say this because I work in wine and have to refer to wine blogs, like, A LOT. Don’t get me wrong — some of the most boring blogs are also the most informative and, for that, I thank the boring blog-writers for their tireless contributions to the world of wine. was born out of a desire to entertain and, occasionally, inform. But mostly to entertain.

I am lucky enough to call Southern California Wine Country home. And, god knows this is a good place for me because I am also a full-time working mother to two young boys — James, age “I’M A BIG BOY BECAUSE I’M ALMOST FIVE,” and Luke, age two; two Shih Tzus — Betty & Owen; and one husband — Tim. I say “mother” to all five because in many ways it fits. The only way I get through most of it is wine.

Please enjoy my wine- and family-fueled adventures.